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Personal Projects

These projects showcase a variety of diverse style of  productions


Examples of previous work I have done with clients


Narrator of Superhero in Faith: 90 Exciting, Impactful and Easy Reading Devotions for Boys ages 8-12, by Ivy & Mark Brown. I produced a Biblical Children’s audiobook, providing 365 days of scripture affirmations targeted for young boys ages 8-12. Audio recording, editing, and mastering was done solely by me to meet ACX regulations. The complete audiobook was completed June of 2022.

Word Count: 33,056. Finished hours: 3.5.


I provided a voice-over monologue for a suicide prevention program. The program's target audience is middle and high schoolers, so the read intentionally sounds as if I am conversing with teenage friends about an experience that happened with a close friend. Sincerity and empathy were the main tones while keeping the delivery  authentic and conversational.

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