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I live to entertain, perform, and network. I put my heart and soul into each project that I work on and always strive to build and diversify my portfolio. My artistic outputs result from a combination of my experiences, training, and a great deal of preparation. Contact me to learn more about my work.

On Air Sign


Podcast Host

An Action & Ambition Podcast Host, where I am interviewing entrepreneur experts who identify, solve, and discuss difficulties in their industry, sports icons who translated their success on the field into serial business achievements, and influencers who distinguish what makes excellence possible weekly. Guests include: Khaled Atallah, Eddy Soffer, Jean-Paul Gravel, Nick Warrander, Chad Osinga, Jay Giraud, Jacqueline Fae, Zach Zeller, Michele Olivier, Ian Foster, Liziana Carter, Bill Voss, Kevin Kaminyar & More!

Super Hero in Faith



Superhero in Faith: 90 Exciting, Impactful and Easy Reading Devotions for Boys ages 8-12, by Ivy & Mark Brown. I produced a Biblical Children’s audiobook, providing 365 days of scripture affirmations targeted for young boys ages 8-12. Audio recording, editing, and mastering was done solely by me to meet ACX regulations. The complete audiobook was completed June of 2022.
Word Count: 33,056 Words. Finished hours: 3.5.

voices-suicide prevention monologue


Voice Over

This was my first booking on I provided a voice-over monologue for a suicide prevention program. This program was for middle- and high schoolers, so the read was to sound like I was talking to my teenage friends about something that happened with a close friend. Sincerity and empathy were the main tones while staying believable/conversational. Contact me if you want a sample of the audio file.

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