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The Voice You Need to Hear, The Friend You Need to Meet

Thanks for visiting my site. I am a passionate Voice Over Artist and a welcoming Podcast Host. I love what I do, and want others to see that love shine through in all of my work. Look around to find information about myself, what clients have said about me, and updates on projects I’ve worked on. I pride myself on being a friendly, sincere, and welcoming individual, which you'll get a sense of not only in my voiceovers but with my guests as well.

I started podcasting solely as a host in May 2022 but have since become more involved when joining Texas Tasty’s 512 Degrees podcast where I am a host, producer, and sound engineer. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity and process of interviewing a variety of amazing individuals to get an insight of the businesses they own, the passions that drive them, and the mindset to flourish.

I aim to continuously strive to understand the power of human connection while creating a customized experience for each client. I bring an intention of collaboration, excellence, and fun to each project, ensuring my client's message and vision exceed their expectations. 

    If you need someone to bring your copy to life, let's talk!

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Narrator of Superhero in Faith: 90 Exciting, Impactful and Easy Reading Devotions for Boys ages 8-12, by Ivy & Mark Brown. I produced a Biblical Children’s audiobook, providing 365 days of scripture affirmations targeted for young boys ages 8-12. Audio recording, editing, and mastering was done solely by me to meet ACX regulations. The complete audiobook was completed June of 2022.Word Count: 33,056 Words. Finished hours: 3.5.


I provided a voice-over monologue for a suicide prevention program. This program was for middle- and high schoolers, so the read was to sound like I was talking to my teenage friends about something that happened with a close friend. Sincerity and empathy were the main tones while staying believable/conversational. Click on the link below to listen to the audio sample.

Client Testimonials
Dominique has been a pleasure to work with. He is an absolute professional, punctual, positive attitude, great customer service, personality, a hard worker, and a team player. We are excited to have him working with our team.
Ryan Shook | Action & Ambition Affiliate


Los Angeles, CA


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